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Getting Started

DevArchitecture is a Open Source software. It will continue with Open Source support as long as it exists.

DevArchitecture is a fast software development infrastructure suitable for modular PnP (Plug and Play) architecture, adopting CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) approaches, focusing on SOLID principles and Clean Architecture methods.

DevArchitecture is a software development infrastructure suitable for individual, small-medium sized software houses and corporate software teams in terms of its powerful and flexible architecture.

Leverages the power of .NET 7+, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, and MongoDB structures. It comes with support for InMemoryDb, PostgreSql, MsSql and MongoDB. Database infrastructure migration can be achieved with a single-line configuration change.

It offers a ready-to-use infrastructure with Front-End technologies.

It comes with an advanced User Management and Multi-Language Support. Users; can be authorized based on person, command, query, group and screen. You can use the security infrastructure in corporate and individual projects without any problems.

With DevArchitecture Code Generator, you can only write the class that represents the database and instantly show your system visually with the codes produced for all layers. In this way, you can get fast feedback from your fast customers and solution partners.

authors: Kerem VARIŞ, Veli GÖRGÜLÜ