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Test Routines

Test Routines Management#

DevArchitecture includes a test project. It includes both unit testing and integration testing. The basic infrastructure of the tests related to the layers has been created.

One of the layers derived from DevArchitecture Code Generator and IEntity and DocumentDbEntity class is the test class of the related entity. When all layers are created from Entities with DevArchitecture Code Generator, a test class is automatically created under the Test -> Business -> HandlerTest folder.

At the beginning of the most common problems with test writing, when test routines are written, there are problems such as not being able to find how to Setup and naming. DevArchitecture Code Generator aims to provide Setup and test routine classes ready-made.

It is up to the user to develop test routines after this stage. Checking whether there is an error by running tests before the application release will provide a healthier SDLC environment.

Note: In test cases that require Mock Data, the developer has to define Mock Data. DevArchitecture Code Generator creates these fields by taking it to the comment line them especially. The developer needs to both examine and edit these fields belonging to the relevant class. DevArchitecture Code Generator is designed to provide the necessary redirection in comments.

Example Mock Data Scope

authors: Kerem VARIŞ, Veli GÖRGÜLÜ